Code Academy: Neat

I gave Code Academy a quick run through, just to see how it works. I zipped through the “Make a Website” skill to see how the interface worked and to try an get a feel for the level of knowledge that could be picked up by their modules.

  • Interface was really neat. It was a great to have to actually type out content and then to see it reflect was even neater.
  • They did skip over some elements I thought were important but overall it was a great 10,000-foot overview. Well, maybe closer to 8,000 feet. Worth while.
  • Surprised they focused on Bootstrap, but it kind of makes sense as that is the hip, trendy way to quick create sites.

Overall, not shabby at all. I think I will give the Ruby and Ruby Authentication modules a go-thru. It’s been forever since I’ve used Ruby. It will be a good review and, ugh, the Ruby authentication stuff has always stymied me.

Code Academy FtW

I saw this tweet by Brad Frost:

And thought I’d take a look Code Academy. It turns out that Code Academy may be the perfect way to work on my “I’m going to get better at [insert topic here].” Sure, the web stuff is probably basic but sometimes reviewing what you think you already know makes you re-think how you go about using that knowledge.

So, I think I’ll work through a heap of the examples and post what I can here on Ayerd.

TL;DR: Heading to Code Academy to get in some review and hopefully pick up some new knowledge. 

Hello World (Again)

So, ahhh, let’s have a big “Welcome Back” to me!

Way back in 2004 installed my first version of WordPress and started to share my views on everything from A-Z with you, humble readers. Then around 2011 I went through some shit. A lot of shit. I’m mostly reminded of that Billy Joel song

Things are okay with me these days
Got a good job, got a good office
Got a new wife, got a new life
And the family’s fine

Many changes. Feels good man.

But, I hear you asking, “why have you deleted all your groovy content?” Well, it was all terribly dated. About the only thing worth saving was the Ironman race reports that I’ll try and upload at some point in the future.

In the mean time I’m going to make incremental updates to the WP install, have some fun playing with Ruby, accessibility patterns, SASS, and anything else web-related I can find time to explore.

TL;DR: I’m back. Open up baby birds, momma bird is back and has some knowledge for you.