This Time With More Feeling

Time to try again.
Or, is that again^6?

At least 6. :-\

Maybe this time it will take? I tried tidying up. I guess it worked because a lot of stuff got tucked away into the æther. Luckily, 1s and 0s don’t take up a lot of space, so I still have all the old posts. At some point I may dig through the rubble and put out the good parts.

Until then, I’m gonna try to write more often (even though I can say 100% for sure, “even my mom doesn’t read my blog”), maybe some pictures, reviews of things and stuff, coding I’ve round useful, and other junk that interest me. If nothing else I think the writing more consistently will help me on some goals I have for work.

Kick back. Grab a cocktail. Catch you soon.