Can I Get A Grunt?

So, this was more painful than I expected: getting Ruby, Sass, and Grunt up and working as expected in both OSX and Windows. I love fighting with XCode, generic installers, NVM, Homebrew, and Gems. There has to be an easier way.

Happily, through the grace God almighty, and the pressures of the market place, I have succeeded. [Golf clap goes here] Next time, we’re sticking with just Windows or just Apple.

I’m now ready to try and build me some corporate style guides using Grunt, Sass, and Lint. I think it will be painful but interesting exercise. If nothing else adding Lint to the CSS files across generated across the organization will provide a great opportunity for many, many meetings as to why everyone needs to do things my way.


Oh, and I’m totally gonna build the style guide in Foundation. [gives finger to Bootstrap] Not that there is anything wrong with Bootstrap, but every site built with Bootstrap looks like it was built with Bootstrap. This is a great opportunity to dig into Foundation 6 and building something useful beyond the “Hello World” examples that litter our programming landscape.