Break It Down

Last month I my SiriusXM membership came up for renewal. I was very much going to renew, but then those… people… called me 5 times in 6 hours nagging me about the renewal. The first call I was all, “hey, not a good time. I’ll give you a call tomorrow.” Then they called again. And again. And again. The last two calls were 20 minutes apart. I told them to get bent.

As a result I’ve been forced over to terrestrial radio. It’s hideous.

But, there are podcasts! It helps the hour drive pass fairly quickly. I’ve been catching up on This American Life.┬áToday I consumed the ‘cast on “The Perils of Intimacy.” Interesting take on sharing — or not sharing. And, they read a short story by Lydia Davis, “Break It Down.

I had never heard (or read) it before. Would recommend!

Okay, now back to Grunt. :)