CSS Grid

It’s truly impossible to describe how great CSS Grid is going to be.


At work we’ve started a Nerd Book Club kind of thing. Basically we have the members of my group and the fine folks in the graphic arts department sitting down once a week to go over existing and emerging web-related technologies.

Now, I <3 the people in my group but some of them couldn’t code their way out of a wet paper bag. We’re hoping that the Book Club thing will fix that. We covered basic HTML + CSS. It was slow, but a it accomplished a few things. It was a great review of what you’re supposed to be doing and it sort of got us into the groove of spending an hour or so each week reading the book and taking notes.

The notes. Uugh. Results varied wildly. So as we begin to tackle the next book, Eloquent JavaScript, I’m going to ask them take more formalizes notes in HTML. I want them to create a wrapper for note taking uses, and here are my only instructions on this: “CSS Grid and some kind of off-canvas menu system.”


I’ve sort of brushed over CSS Grid while waiting for the standard to¬†coalesce. This is the first time I’ve looked at since it was sort of, maybe, kind of supported in like one browser. It is frick’in awesome. I’m never fighting with crazy calc solutions, or kinda okay but not really flexbox solutions ever again. I mean, when you can create a two-column form, with the occasional full-width column, in 4 lines of CSS, you know you’re doing something right.

This has gotten long, and rambling, but let’s just say that now that I’m using CSS Grid to build something useful with, I love it. You will too![1]

[1] — after you update your SCSS linter with all the spiffy CSS-Grid things… and, it will get even better once SASS supports the bracket notation. :-D